Being a business owner himself, Eddie understands how taxes kill business, which in turn kills jobs and thus the economy. During his three terms as a County Commissioner, Eddie has NEVER voted to raise taxes. In fact, he voted to LOWER them in 2016. With the trillions of dollars the Biden administration is trying to give away, the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have a hard time paying the country’s debt. The debt ratio to China is through the ceiling and is very concerning. Eddie will never support a tax increase. The free ride must stop, and people must be put back to work. Expanding the government is not the answer. Increasing taxes is not the answer. Cutting unnecessary spending and helping businesses create jobs is the answer.



The family unit is the building block of society. Many societal ills can be traced to the erosion of the family. Eddie serves on the Wilkes County Board of Social Services, and he advocates strongly for children and families. Eddie is also pro-life. Being an advocate for the unborn and the Chairman of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners, Eddie brought to vote a resolution to designate the county a haven for the unborn (the resolution passed unanimously). All human life deserves dignity, no matter the stage.


Eddie is a member of the NRA. He will continue fighting for second amendment rights at the state level.



Eddie’s wife Shelia retired from Elkin City Schools as the Accountability Director. Both his daughter Melissa and son Matt are Wilkes County high school graduates. Melissa graduated from Surry Community College and East Carolina University. Matt attended Surry Community College and Piedmont Bible College. Eddie understands the need for a quality education. Between 2020-2021, the Wilkes Commissioners worked with Wilkes Community College and developed a program where every student in Wilkes County who graduates from a Wilkes High School will be eligible to obtain a free two-year degree. Regarding the current issue of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Eddie believes it is pure poison. He will fight it from being taught in NC


Agriculture is the leading economic driver in North Carolina. In addition to being a cattleman himself, Eddie served six years as Chairman of the Agriculture Steering Committee of the NCACC (North Carolina Association of County Commissioners). Eddie advocated in Washington, D.C. for better cattle markets with Agriculture Secretary Pardue, which allowed him to have a seat at the White House with President Donald Trump on the Japan Trade Agreement in 2019. Eddie was recently appointed Chairman of the Environment Steering Committee with the NCACC, which address issues such as water quality, solid waste management, and recycling, among others. Eddie will always do what is right for agriculture and for the environment.


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